Yerevan, 18.July.2019,


Clashes between demonstrators and police take place in Yerevan
The situation is tensed in Sari Tagh where clashes are taking place between the demonstrators and the police. The demonstrators who returned from Freedom Square decided to close that part of Sari Tagh but met the confrontation of the police. The police are using explosives. There is panic among people. The police officers are threatening reporters and demanding turning off their cameras. Yerevan Police chief Ashot Karapetyan called on Armen Martirosyan to gather people in Khorenatsi street. Fi...
March in support of Sasna Tsrer group takes place in Yerevan
A gathering in support of Sasna Tsrer group took place in Yerevan Freedom Square. Heritage party deputy leader Armen Martirosyan, member of Founding Parliament Albert Baghdasaryan, and others delivered speeches during it. Armen Martirosyan stated that the march will move to Baghramyan avenue but reaching the beginning of the street a decision has been made to stop due to weather conditions and close the avenue for 30 minutes. Afterwards the demonstrators returned to Freedom Square where Armen ...
Live from Khorenatsi street
Live from Khorenatsi street       <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Paramedics taken hostage in Armenia’s capital
The armed group that attacked a police building in Yerevan on July 17 reported two of its members wounded.Law-enforcers offered medical aid, but the armed group refused. The armed group members’ relatives too called on them to take the wounded to hospital. Law-enforcers created all the necessary conditions for paramedics, but the armed group took them hostage.Ashot Aharonyan, Head of the Press Service of Armenia’s Police, said that law-enforcers are negotiating release of paramedics.
Live transmission from Khorenatsi street
Live transmission from Khorenatsi street      
Armenia's National Security Service pledges 'tougher action' against armed group
In defiance of all the warnings against further offences, the armed group that occupied a police building in Yerevan continue actions threatening the life and health of law-enforcers and causing property damage, Armenia’s National Security Service (NSS) says in a statement.  Warning of the group’s “increasingly hazardous conduct spiraling out of control”, the NSS promises to take tougher action “to avert further offenses”. “Being well-aware of t...
Cilician Catholicos may become mediator between authorities and Sasna Tsrer group
Cilician Catholicos Aram I will probably arrive in Yerevan to become a mediator between the authorities and the armed group. The proposal is being made by people not having any relation with either presidential administration nor Sasna Tsrer group. The issue is whether the authorities would like to use the services of Aram I or his presence here would be undesired as he will learn such things which the authorities would not like to voice. As to the group it would probably agree. As to the Catho...
Live from Khorenatsi street
Live from Khorenatsi street
NSS urges the group to surrender
On July 25 the National Security Service of Armenia addressed the armed group which has seized the Erebuni police station. In the released document it is said that for the crimes committed by the group they would face up to 15 years in prison. But they can correct the situation if handing the weapons. The NSS urged the group to hand the weapon and surrender.
I am here because it is my homeland – Vitaly Balsanyan
Artsakh hero who conducted negotiations for freeing police hostages also gave a news conference. “The important thing is that everything is calm now. I think it is a success. I am convinced that both the authorities and the armed group will maintain the peace and a peaceful solution will be given to the issues voiced by the guys,” he said. “I am here because this is my homeland. These guys and I have passed the same way during the Karabakh war. I could not stay aside,” h...
Live Khorenatsi street
Live Khorenatsi street   <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>  
Armed group frees all hostages from seized police building
The armed group has released the last two policemen held hostage at the regiment, says the NSS press secretary.  "The last two hostages - Deputy Chief of the Armenian Police Vardan Yeghiazaryan and Deputy Chief of the Yerevan Police Valery Osipyan - have been freed from the patrol police regiment headquarters," Samson Galstyan told our correspondent. 
Live: Khorenatsi street, Yerevan
Live, Khorenatsi street, Yerevan  
The situation must be settled without bloodshed – Levon Shirinyan
The authorities understand quite well that the time is passing and it is necessary to undertake some actions, political analyst Levon Shirinyan said speaking to He said that they know that they have just one way out – settle the issue in sensible timeframe without bloodshed. It is necessary to form and agenda of talks with the members of Sasna Tsrer group.   In his opinion the first step by the authorities could have been freeing all the political prisoners. After it negoti...
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